Rocking Mack Daddies

Friday nights are The Bowery are usually full for alcoholic reasons, but on Friday 21st of May, the bear share of the crowd was waiting for The Hot Soles, a duo playing some  rather cool blues based rock with a voice knee deep in soul.

The first thing you notice about them is that they are snazzy dressed. The second thing is that the guitar seems to be missing a cable lead. This comes into play later into their set. Then you stop noticing stuff and just concentrate on their music, a furious combination of old school rock and roll, with a powerful voice that simply rocks out, kept on a tight schedule by some righteous drumming.

As previously seen (I saw them at The Harley), the band likes to mingle with the audience. Considering that the guitar is wireless, lead singer Sole Brother A decides to casually walk off The Bowery while still playing. He jokes with the bouncer and then comes back and starts climbing the staircase, plays some more and then goes back to stage. Without missing a beat. I couldn’t even move in a rotating chair without messing my own rhythm.

It was a short set, but still enjoyable. They are a good band, but, hey, they are on a mission from God.


1 Ready to Burn
2 Runaway
3 Razzle dazzle
4 Flat feet
5 Shake it out
6 Call the regulator

7 Our love
8 Enlighten me

Words: —Sam


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