Alone in the woods

Stream – ‘Russian Doll’

I think I’ve found an expression of what a Yin-Yang could be in sounds, at least that was my first thought when I listened to Captives on the Carousel: a sweet female voice and the male sound of a cello so sentimental, blue, still a perfect complement to the floating voice of this band.

The story told this time through their homonymous album, with 5 ideas included, can be better described as the puzzle of a black & white movie showing a cold and lonely forest, where innocence and evilness get their best ‘weapons’ to be the king or queen of this isolated land.

Darkness and Light intertwine and open the scene with a grey shade: ‘The Oak Tree’, with a playful cello and echoed voice in the fashion of vocal chords by a ghost, the one that leads us inside the forest of this movie.

‘Lead me down’: inside the black & white forest, a cello sings along with a soft voice, so inviting to explore the paths in front of us, to venture into the unknown. The cello sings at some parts to the female voice pronouncing serious and solemn words. At this point I can say that, if music was divided into classic and contemporaneous ballet styles, then we’re right on the contemporaneous road with Isadora Duncan doing her thing.

The path we have chosen now is full of shadows and some may frighten us; the general atmosphere is loneliness surrounded by the ghosts of yesterday. This is thoughtfulness under the name of ‘The Bell Jar’ expressed through acoustic guitar, cello and that voice (…) The cello works as the foundations of the song, where the sharp sounds tangle and develop, each one following their own instincts.

‘Russian Doll’, I’m breathless with this track: persecutions, blue dresses full of pain and tears of something that has been stolen; it’s the embodiment of innocence gone. The tears from the Russian Doll become the syncopate bars from the cello’s throat: ‘Search for solace (…)’

The dawn always comes after the night, and this is ‘James’ Song’. The denouement of this story comes touching our ears like the first drops of rain, as to wash away the pain through this path. And again: guitar, voice and cello with a pizzicato texture, then ascending bars that would immediately wrap us with their brilliant and crystalline feeling of hope.

By the end of this album I really felt like I was reading a fairy tale, the version you’ll find in the “Adults” shelf of a bookstore: somber stories with morals that are nothing but the truth in a raw and explicit language. A delicate slumber, good and evil at their purest, a battle between memories and oblivion where the light of hope remains. Interesting album.

Words: Tonan


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