Introducing – Freelance Whales

I think every moment should have a soundtrack. Every picnic, a  song that makes you laugh;  dinners, a romantic ballad and every adventure with the one you love should have a Freelance Whales song playing on the background.
Whenever I hear it, the sweet melodies and soothing voices I think of him. I see my sweetie sitting on the couch and the music makes me pounce. I grab his hand and we run outside , hike up the hill to the mountain and rest. We watch the town and then go look for sage, we roll in the grass and run away from snakes. The music plays loudly through my little tape deck. We say nothing and just run and laugh.

Freelance whales brings out the adventure in us, says everything we want to. Oozing with talent, it’s no wonder their music evokes mystery and wonder when their songs are composed from childhood memories and dream journal entries. Each member plays no less than 3 instruments from guitars to synthesizers, from something called a glockenspiel to mandolins; a literal museum of musical play things.

What began as a group of friends and strangers found on Craigslist busking on the street have become a musical  delight buzzing through the indie music scene. Have you ever looked at a photo so beautiful you thought you could see it moving and you wondered if you were hallucinating or if you witnessed something magic? Listening to Freelance whales feels something like that. . .

Words: Mikaela

You can read more of Mikaela’s writings and everything cool in Ogden, Utah, at her blog.

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