3 from Louisville

Interstates – Arrival without departure

If more EPs were like this…

I believe that there’s music in the human mind that could go beyond any label in terms of genre. Sometimes it’s hard to tag the freedom of speech put into music notes.

The music from this category tends to be the owner of organic trays, of vibrations that deliver this human image depicted through the music idea.

Interstates becomes a genuine music proposal that may puzzle the fortunate listener: there’s a strong organic base of drums, bass and guitar. I know this is the minimum expected from a band, but it all depends on how you use your resources to make it good or just an unfortunate experiment.

An EP with 3 songs only with titles that sequentially spell the name, ‘Arrival Without Departure’ is a three talents putting together the pieces of their very own universe.

‘Arrival’ starts with a mind-blowing guitar effect, a firm ‘welcome’ and ‘step in’ to this world. Distortions and sampling are the initial part of the song, as if an idea is in the midst of materializing. A great guitar riff that would make you move your head upside down is definitely the gem in this track, as well as its descending harmonies.

‘Without’ is the entrance to the second scenario, where staying alert in the middle of dark shapes would be the best way to describe these sounds. The drums riff is one of the highlights of this track: as a (former) drummer, I find it somewhat hard that anyone would come up with a riff like this because of the pauses chosen to syncopate. There’s echo in drums, darkened by a demanding tick-tock that eventually leads to chaos (nice guitar riff!).

‘Departure’ becomes the end of a small, yet enriching travel to the minds of Interstates. It’s the turn of guitar again to come and show off one of its melodic riffs. It’s just the takeoff momentum supported by a timely piano that contradicts all of the instruments behind. The pounding effect in the middle becomes a really good reason to stay tuned with this band.

Armed with classical structures in the fashion of progressive, an extremely interesting use of their resources and no vocals, Interstates is definitely a world that you won’t regret exploring.

Words: Tonan.


Interstates. Myspace. Bandcamp.


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