Reasons to buy the new Cats:For:Peru EP

Ahoy mates!

It is, the one and only webmaster at this sorry excuse of a blog, doing a PSA in honour of a local unsigned band called Cats:for:Peru.

Why for? Well, for starters, I like them live and I like them on record. Simple as a pimple on a dimple. But, if pressed for more reasons, here’s a top 5 list. Why 5? ’cause my hoof has 5 dents.

5) It’s cheap. For the sum prince of 3.49 (less than some pints), you get a four song smorgarsbord of genres, mished mashed like suede and potato and tastier than a yorkshire pudding. Also, a pint is a passing pleasure, this EP isn’t (unless some agrieved lover runs away with it). In fact, one of my cohorts went for a pint to [REDACTED] and they charged him FOUR quid for a pint of cider. Do you think this person enjoyed his pint? Probably, but that money could’ve been better spent in buying this EP.

4) It has a video of the dactyl-disposition. Last years Attack of the Pitching Machine had a video that had cat-lovers around the world as giddy as a PETA enthusiast in KFC. It was a good video, though. But We had this trouble last winter has a video with finger puppets. Without the puppet part. So, technically, it’s nude finger puppets, so this video is actually a tribute to Spencer Tunick, rendering de facto as art.

3) It’s better than most stuff out there. Do me a solid: turn on your radio. What do you hear? Covers. That awful rendition of ‘Landslide’. Someone using an autotuner like a vocal box. Now check this track.

It’s in the EP. I rest my case.

2) Interesting track names. What is the story behind ‘Duck in the oven’? Is ‘Open House’ a wordy exposition about xenophobia? Is ‘Sleeping in tight ropes’ an ode to a rather obscure funambulist called Jojo the Incredible? Am I the only one who thinks of ‘Fear of better things’ as a perfect “rain song”?

Probably am, but they are good songs and they show a lot of effort from all members. Mooyah!

1) It’s cohesive. Quick! What’s your main deterrent when buying a double album? I’ll help ya: there will be some filler (except if it’s a Corgan & Co album). With only 4 songs, 2 very dancey barndancey and 2 downbeat songs to medidate, you get all ranges, all colours of emotion if you will. Think of it as a double single, with the happy go lucky side on with ducks and houses and the other side with fear and vertigo.

There ya go. You’re welcome, happy Easter and no, we don’t get payola for pushing this EP around. We just genuinely like it. I should know good music, I’m a plush cow.

Words: Orestes Xistos.



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