Paving Stones : Last Harbour

Last Harbour

An ensemble of musicians with a few years of experience, Last Harbour are part of Little Red Rabbit Records, a Manchester based label with some outstanding acts (check Fuzzy Lights and Anna Kashfi too!).

With several instruments intertwining seamlessly and driven by lead vocalist Kevin Craig’s scary, sombre voice, Last Harbour are the musical equivalent of a gothic novel. They recently released an EP (review) and are recording a new album in a mid-19th century church in Manchester. This is awesome.

Also, they do their own artwork, with techniques like woodcutting and screen printing. It’s true! We did interview their lead singer a while ago (link) and now, well, they’ve gracefully donated this track.

If They’re Right (J.T. mix)


Website. Soundcloud. Myspace. Facebook. Spotify. Free EP. Video for ‘Lights’. Video for ‘Saint Luminous Bride’.

You can download a free sampler from the lovely artists that Little Red Rabbit Records has here.

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