One fine night at Redhouse…

Nat Johnson @ Redhouse with support from Rory McVicar and Gyppos.

The Redhouse is a lil’ hidden behind the desolation we know as the North Campus. A slew of gigs have been getting its reputation up for some time now and in a cold night in March (seems to be the norm now), it was time for a night of acoustic rock and roll.

In this particular night, it was the launch gig for Nat Johnson & The Figureheads‘ EP launch (cheap plug – my horribly written review). The band was in good company, with Rory McVicar and Gyppos (no caravans nor Brad Pitt, though) as support bands.

Opening duties were dutifully carried by Rory McVicar, playing with a very sweet Danelectro guitar which emanated quite a few nice tunes. Rory was a very entertaining person and his bantering self was as entertaining as his tunes, and even if one of them misfired, he thought nothing of it and re-started.

Gyppos followed suit, again, more friendly rock and an excellent sense of camaraderie where the order of the day, with the band being quite amiable. Maybe a few local jokes in there, but entertaining. They also displayed the power of holding your harmonica with blue ballpen while doing some interesting time changes in their music. Chaotic and fun.

The host (or guest of honour) then graced the limelight (purple hued, actually). Besides playing the three songs that form their newest EP, called What the hearts pours into, Nat Johnson & The Figureheads played a few songs from their previous album, Roman Radio.

I’ve always had a soft spot for both ‘January’ and ‘Wasted’, so was quite happy to hear them again. From the new lot, ‘We stole light’ is my instant hit, but ‘Margot’ and ‘Mick Kelly’ are quite cool (and catchy, so damn catchy). ‘Dirty Rotten Soul’ has that classy rock and roll drumming (courtesy of good ol’ Neil) complemented by Chris’ trusty bass.

It’s always funny to see how Kevin (guitar) and Nat Johnson are always doing witty repartee, this time regarding the size of the stage and his apparent hiding place behind violinist Emily Gunn (whose bit in ‘We Stole Light’ makes it really classy).

A really enjoyable gig in a very intimate pub.

Setlist (Nat Johnson)

1. Oh Face!

2. Heart of Clay

3. Straw & hay

4. We stole light

5. Red little heart

6. January

7. Wasted

8. Margot

9. Mick Kelly

Encore. Dirty Rotten Soul


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