Mr. Daniels would be proud

Drenge + Wet Nuns @ Old No. 7

Plans never go the way you want them, making you adapt into the new surroundings, sometimes letting them map you and, on a few occasions, you can make them change in to your desires.

Why this upbeat intro? Well, the lads from Drenge celebrated the second issue of their Zine, Blood + Milk: The Drenge Monthly, with a gig at the Old No. 7, with fellow partners in noise pollution, Wet Nuns.

Drenge took the little stage at Old No 7. By stage we mean: that bit by the window, covered now with drapes, with all cases piled on the sofa.

Their set was good, specially liked the banter with the people. Lead singer Eoin did mention a few times that it was one of their first gigs (third) so any mistakes and errors in execution should be ironed out as long as they keep doing their “don’t give a fuck, just make a racket” brand of rock. One particular song, ‘West Street Girlies’ (I think) was pretty good and the band did dedicate one song to a neighbour who’ve just hit them with an ASBO.

Wet Nuns looked at each other, nodded and after taking some inspiration from their trusty bottle of JD, they started their set. The stage and the already cramped bar felt like a wagon from the Mexican Metro at peak hour. I was half expecting someone with onions and a guy selling cough pills (or something similar). Clit Eastwood (drums, perfect torso) and Terence Trent D’Barndance have been expanding their repertoire, with a couple of new songs being roadtested and the staple classics (the rope-a-dope that are ‘Laura’ and ‘7 year itch’) being put to good use. Audience reaction was good and some moshing, pushing, shoving and pogoing was a good indicator for reception.

As promised, the spectacle did turn into “Coyote Ugly with hairier people” and Terence stood on the bar and crowd surfed while playing guitar. A few people tried not to land on Clit’s drumkit and barring a few bruises, no permanent damage was attained.

With the closing of so many venues in Sheffield, maybe a place like Old No. 7 will get more attention as a place for gigs? You certainly are in contact with the band and the atmosphere ain’t half bad either.

Regarding Blood + Milk, content was good, with particular highlights being a call to people to take more action instead of being passive and an interview with Wet Nuns (in the style of Love Connection). Probably the one bit I liked most was the open call to people to create a zine, any zine, with any content they want. Seems like the right idea and there’s quite a few people in Sheffield that are deft with a pen. Here’s hoping.


About the author: Sam would like to apologise for the shoddy image of photographs.

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