Singles – The Smashing Pumpkins, The Violet May, Bromheads, Gaoler’s Daughter, The Cubical

A veritable all mix this week, as we get an alt-legend strutting their stuff, a raucous band known for their intense live shows, a Liverpudlian gang who probably sleep in a beer freezer, a garage duo with a smashing garage sound and a group dabbling in a suave type of indie.

Hopefully, these songs will cheer you if the freezing weather is doing your mood in! As always, all links to the bands are at the end of the post.

The Smashing Pumpkins – Tom Tom

Where can I start? One of the songs from the Teargarden by Kaleidyscope that’s been most eagerly awaited is finally here and the evolution it has seen (from the original demo played live) to its current incarnation is amazing. It’s those winter tale-like lyrics (images of a lonely person walking in a snowed-in graveyard come to mind), the clockwork sounds in the back and the whole atmosphere that make a sweet, amazing song.

Easily the strongest song from this ongoing 44 song mammoth and an instant classic. And how about that build-up into the abrupt pause in the midsection? Gotta love this one.

The Violet May – Jennifer Lies

The newest single by this rocking quintet (and its current set opener) is as fast paced and grungy as they come. Coming up as an exposure/tirade against the ‘Jennifer’ subject of the song, it’s like the feeling you get when you realise who the person you fancied ain’t what it seemed.All that pent-up rage comes out with an aggressiveness that feels both real and, heck, catchy.

The Cubical – Dirty Shame

A seedy song, born and bred in a long lost western bar in the USA (allegedly). This band from Liverpool brings their music with a gritty flavour that leaves a good aftertaste, with a voice that sounds that has been drinking bourbon even before getting his first pacifier. Ending is quite random, but gotta love the trumpet thrown in the mix.

Bromheads – Chocolate Factory

The swansong of the Bromheads’ year-long project of releasing a free song every month doesn’t come with any sadness, but with their usual garage sound and a very brisk pace. Love that mental drumming ending, with extra shouting for good measure. Punky with enough garage swagger to make it a great swansong for this project. Here’s hoping for their next album to be as good as these 12 singles.

Gaoler’s Daughter – Angry Eyes

Starting very breezy, with a good throwback to that reggae rock from the late 70s, ‘Angry Eyes’ suddenly switches genres, passing from some chamber pop styles (all about that little guitar lick around the 1:00 mark) into a full blown indie pop, the one you might have heard in other places, but not mixed with some reggae stylings (which makes up for the other half of the song). Decent, catchy and lyrics are cute (not a bad thing). The ending has some great mandolin (I think) solo that gives it an extra bonus.


PS: Pinfle frío…


The Smashing Pumpkins

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The Violet May

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Gaoler’s Daugther

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The Cubical

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