Said the spider to the fly…

Louise Distras – Spiders (EP)

The skinny: Punk unplugged.

The review proper: Who needs distortion to make something punk?

No, really? There’s a couple of other artists that have done acoustic punk stuff and pulled it off. After deciding to go solo, Louise Distras is jumping in the band wagon, acoustic axe on tow and acerbic lyrics fully loaded.

Which is something that she needs to do to keep your attention. This is a minimal album in all senses. Guitar and vocals, nothing else, no loops, no ambients. Sometimes her voice feels like a little yelp, a whisper, if you will, then it goes back to that anger that really wants to be liberated. The lyrics are wistful “perfection in duality / imperfection in love”. That’s found on ‘Spiders’.

Her pen is mightier than the rusty sword left by the ones before. The deception you might have in the place you live is depicted in ‘This city’, a little looking in view about the place you live in, not only physically, but probably emotionally too. “Somebody once said that I would find love in this city that’s full of scum/ […]/We fall apart, me and this city

Where it really feels punk (at least in voice delivery) is ‘When in rome’. It’s proper punk, without the distortion, but the delivery, the voice, everything is right there, where it’s needed. Lyrics-wise, it’s my fave, but won’t spoil the fun for you.

Yes, they might sound a little samey (specially if you are not listening to the lyrics and you have it as “ambient music”) but this be a girl with a guitar, a punk demeanour and a plethora of emotions that need to get out. Three songs might not be enough to let it all out…

Great voice, good lyrics and pleasing chords. Here’s some videos of her playing and I’ll stop my claptrap excuse of a review.


This city


About the author:I’m not going to be daft and use the comparison that’s been bandied about her with other artists. She’s herself and if you don’t like this, fine. Also, the rejected title of the review was “Punky brewster”. In hindsight, it’s best left in the cutting floor.


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