Saccharine Sunshine

The Dollyrots – A Little Messed Up

The third album from LA-based band The Dollyrots presents the listener with more sunshine than a beach holiday on the Costa Del Sol. It’s not surprising given that the band migrated from the ‘Sunshine State’ (that’s Florida to you and me folks – Ed) to California; the album is distilled fluffy summer fun.

Essentially A Little Messed Up is pop punk music with emphasis on the ‘pop’. That’s not to say that The Dollyrots can’t rock out, after all the band is signed to Joan Jett’s label Blackheart Records. The Dollyrots seems to straddle the gap between Blink 182 and Katy Perry; they wouldn’t seem out of place on a Warped Tour roster or if one of their songs was the title theme for an MTV reality show.

I’m not going to lie, the lyrics are somewhat cheesy, “You melt me, just like chocolate and I like it and I want it” (on ‘Just Like Chocolate’) which makes some songs a little throwaway – it doesn’t help that the harmonies are syrupy sweet. Kelly Ogden’s vocals are classically American and sugary sounding. However, on the plus side her vocal delivery makes for a light-hearted, fun record that’s easily accessible. The songs are catchy and completely radio friendly.

A Little Messed Up is an album that would probably have a bigger draw for younger listeners although I am sure it will make it on to some people’s ‘guilty pleasures’ list before too long; it’s hard to resist singing along to new single ‘California Beach Boy’ with it’s infectious melodic chorus and upbeat guitar riffs.

It’s not necessarily my cup of tea, but The Dollyrots are good at what they do and I can see that if you were a pop punk fan A Little Messed Up would be ticking all the right boxes. An exuberant, saccharine slice of Americano pop punk, which is just perfect served with some summer sunshine.


Words: PM

Special Thanks: Mr Risty Perez

Listen: The Dollyrots @ MySpace
Explore: The Dollyrots Official Website

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