What we learnt from Twitter – 3

Who: Courtney “I’m the spawn of Satan” Love

Why: You really have to ask?

1) Lost a shitload of money then accused everyone (Ryan Adams, Kirst Novoselic, Dave Grohl, Edward Norton and maybe God too), always arguing that people were stealing “her daughter’s money” and she had “American Express receipts” to prove it. Maybe the money is with the local dealer selling smack.

2) Shit grammar and horrible typing. If you read her Twitter or her vitriolic rants (then again, no! Think of your health!), your own grammer mait bee afceted.

3) Talking about man having good noses. Uh? Check the recent Behind the music for this.

4) And a shitload of stuff, some of it might be libellous and we’ll refrain from posting it here (*couffaff*). Here’s some other crazy stuff:  Prancing around like a raving lunatic on the internet (that might not be too hard, though, just read this shit site!), trying out the post of Lead Dictator in Faith No More (dodged that bullet there, you guys!), getting kicked out of Babes in Toyland, attacking Kathleen Hanna of Bikini Kill (granted, she did make a bad joke about Frances Bean), getting into more twitter beefs that you can throw a RT at (including insulting the wife of Kerry Brown) and.. ah, Fuck it, she’s bat shit insane.

5) Then it’s this recent gem, reported by Rolling Stone’s website. Turns out Courtney Love asked a member of the audience “Do you really like rock music?”.  Said audience member was African American. Then Love added “Because you’re African American. That would be like me being into Lil Wayne.”

Our advice: If you see her, run run run away! Or throw some bags of flour, she won’t tell the difference!

The silver lining? Her cover of ‘Gold dust woman’ is fucking excellent.

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