Single reviews – 3

(or a inconsistent excuse of a column – Q)

Reviewed by: Sam.

Gorillaz – Stylo

These animated fiends managed to unearth class act Bobby Womack (who needs to remind the world that ‘Across a 110th street’ is a bonafide classic) and even themselves after 5 years (I feel old now) and do an okay(ish) song that feels a bit flat but nevertheless is still entertaining. 6/10

Franz Ferdinand (with Marion Cotillard) – The eyes of Mars

Making either a quick trip to the nearest bank or a strange postmodern statement, the Glasgow rockers pair with ubergorgeous Marion Cotillard and make a pretty strong song (stronger than anything from their tepid last album, really). Lyrics are a bit “uh” but it’s good. Let’s hope the group becomes a quintet a goes for this route. 7/10

(The) Smashing Pumpkins – Widow Wake My Mind

Although it’s suffering from what really is hurting the Pumpkins these days (what’s with the “oh-oh-OHS!”, dude?). Not really sure about the ascending bit either, but the mix is slightly more subdued than in Song for a Son. Still, it’s number 2 out of the first batch of 4 free songs for their first EP (out of eleven) so in 44 tracks there’s bound to be some filler. Just didn’t expect one so soon. 5/10

Drive-by Truckers – This Fucking Job

Yeee-haaaw! The ol’ faithful from Athens, Georgia (R.E.M.’s hometown represent!) knock a new anthem, hopefully referring to my old job in Mexico (the one that left me a scar in my left forearm, ouchie). But enough navel-gazing, this anthem to frustration has an excellent hook, a cracking distorted solo (that never goes into blowing its own trumpet) and frankly, if you are stressed by your shoddy job, open a cold one and crank the stereo up. Haunting ending, like only they can do it.  8/10

Bromheads – Dedicated to the one I love

Boo yah! As previously stated in this very blog, it washes away the memories of the stomach churning Bitty McLean version, going more for a “romantic dance/mad pogo!” mixture that on paper just doesn’t work, but on audio it simply rocks, oh yeah. File under “how to use a HOG pedal live!. 8/10

Xiu Xiu – Gray Death

Another haunting, tortuous song from Jamie Stewart and cohorts. It’s not as glitchy as any of their previous stuff but that never detracts from being another honest (if painful) trip through Jamie’s mind. Approach with care and if by the end you feel a bit depressed, rock out with any of the other two previous singles I just reviewed. 7/10. (Hosted by Stereogum, lovely chaps!).


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