Single Reviews – 2

Reviewed by: Sam.

We were promised jetpacksShips with holes will sink

After a not very promising start (hey, why is this sounding like a Scottish Isaac Brock) the single manages to gain back some ground but it still doesn’t deliver, but then again, they set the bar highly, so a misstep is understandable. 5/10

The Depreciation GuildBecause

A reinterpretation of the Beatles classic piece of plagiarism (Beethoven wants Moonlight Sonata back, you Scousers), it starts like a “game over” scene from Castlevania. It’s an anti-cover and I for one am grateful for it. 7/10


Liars go back to the well one more time. Fair enough, it’s a good cartesian well filled with holy water for the funeral procession you’ve just scored, but please,  just don’t exploit too much, as there’s some silt on that fresh water, fellas. 6/10

Retribution Gospel ChoirHide it away

Low with distortion, back again into the foil. Alan Sparhawk knows that the delicate balance between introspection and shoegaze lies one notch away and keeps it together here. 7/10

Bromheads Magic Number

Cracking sweet number (check the handclaps!) from Bromheads, the fourth in a string of six free singles. Pretty hummable and sure to stay around for a while. Do check the video, when the Holiday lights get a last whirl before getting thrown back into the closet. 7/10

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