Review – Bromheads single launch

It started as a bit of a cloak and dagger. The email only said “talk to the people at the DJ booth, you’ll be given a bracelet and then be escorted to the venue”.

I half expected people in dark coats and very unfriendly looking lead-spitting toys. In fact, it was just a meeting in  “The wick at both ends”, a very nice and criminally underlooked pub in West Street (hey, they have Don Julio Tequila!).

The undisclosed gig place? The upper floor of the pub. A very small room perfect for an intimate show, showing why the Bromheads is local slang for “we have a POG and we are not afraid to use it”.

A mixture of old songs and a few new ones were on the short but sweet 30 minute gig. Fight music for the fight was probably the most loved one from the old mix, although spirits were high for the majority of the set.

Then it came the moment when Tim (lead singer/guitar) asked the audience to bust out any piece of recording equipment and go wild with “Hole in the head”, a new song (which you can listen in demo version right here) that rumours indicate will be their brand new single in November.

Two very righteous covers, “Dedicated to the one I love” and “Boots” (the new single, which you can get here) were the two cherries on top that finished the very enjoyable single release party.

Check their live playing of “Hole in the head” on our Twitvid.

Video for Boots, their new single:

Check our gallery of pics from that night:



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