Interview – Sad Accordions

We like The Whiskey Priest. We also like Sad Accordions. Funny thing, both bands share frontman Seth Woods, who seems to enjoy jumping from acoustic to guitar (via western drawl and jewharp). So we got our Mexican writers, Tonan and Sam, to email them with a couple of questions.

Subjects: Upcoming tour, the recent album by Sad Accordions (review) and the best barbecue in Austin (this might be a fib).

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Clouds of Rye

(Editor’s note: you can listen to this album in Bandcamp while reading this)

The skinny : a series of recordings done over several years that feel like they were done seamlessly on one session.

The review proper: ‘A seafarer’s lament’. That’s the name of the first song of Wave and Cloud, the début album of The Whiskey Priest (and it is THE Whiskey Priest), and at 9 minutes, it’s the set stage for an album of proper Americana and alt-country (Austin Represent!)

There’s a not-too-subtle sense of pessimism in this album. The downbeat music can be a little overwhelming but there’s always a little glimmer of hope, a glint of a smile, a little silver lining in the oncoming storm clouds.

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