Gig: Scaramanga Six, Cut Your Wings + Great Deeds


I swear I’m not making this up, but I had a feeling this gig was going to be something weird. It wasn’t the fact that I made a rather good pollo con mole for tea (see above picture) but the fact that a few minutes before I left the house, a horse-drawn carriage just passed by my house. Standard. Continue reading “Gig: Scaramanga Six, Cut Your Wings + Great Deeds”

Kvetching in Sheffield – #1

Art: Glenn Miller.
Wet Nuns. By: Glenn Miller.

Waddle, waddle, waddle, it’s Springtime for Hitler and Germany…no, wait, that’s from The Producers, the best pisstake musical ever. After Spamalot. I think. Hey, that’s no ordinary rabbit.

Right-o, no more Percol Americano for me. It’s off to Tamper Coffee to write this excuse for a preview. Continue reading “Kvetching in Sheffield – #1”