Rough Shag presents: Mudcats Blues Trio, Falls and Drenge

The problem with varied line-ups is not the lack of cohesiveness, but predicting the response from the public. It was a semi-cold Friday in Sheffield and Bungalows and Bears was teeming with people. Continue reading “Rough Shag presents: Mudcats Blues Trio, Falls and Drenge”

Interview – Mama Pulpa

We, like Mamá Pulpa. We really, really like them. If you want to lose 2 hours of your life reading our dissertation-length reviews, here’s one for El mundo es muy difícil and one for Tocadiscos.

We managed to cajole Alfredo (vox/guitar/cool beard) to answer a few of our questions via email… Continue reading “Interview – Mama Pulpa”

Wake up to… Steel Trees

Steel Trees are a band from The North, full of energy, a grunge distortion firmly stomped upon and the intensity of a trio of friends wanting to get out of a garage by any means necessary (excluding blue and orange portals, eff that noise). They also have been doing some good opening duties to legends like Dinosaur Jr. (yeah), Dinosaur Pile-Up (ca-ca-cat attack!) and Turbowolf. … Continue reading Wake up to… Steel Trees

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Paving Stones – The Monicans

The Monicans, the band who flew from afar to take the city by storm (although sneakily). After travelling from the dark territories (no, not Mexico City) and living in a van while touring England, the band settled down in Sheffield (a city they have mentioned they like a lot) and decided to go for a grungy output filled with haunting sounds, a grungy vocal delivery, healthy use of eBow, a driven bass and a very solid drumming.

Continue reading “Paving Stones – The Monicans”