Wild times with burgers at The Harley…

It seems that we’ve taken a turn as of late. Besides the usual music and art shenanigans, several stories about alcohol have been creeping in. Maybe it was because of this or simply because they took pity on us being skint, but we got invited to a Press launch for the new range of Burgers the Harley is offering (via Twisted Burger Company). Continue reading “Wild times with burgers at The Harley…”

Lost notes – 3

Previously, on Lost Notes…

Lost notes – 3

As the bus (sorry, coach) stops in one of those greasy food joints along the M1, I think about my green notebook. It has one of those elastic bands and it’s filled to the brim in notes and ideas for books and short stories that I will never write.

Even if its summer, I go for an Americano at Costa Coffee. It’s okay, it’s England. It’s the English summer, see the rain clouds?

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That’ll be the last time we invite you!

It was a cold, bitter October afternoon (leading to a hypothermia-laden night) and the text message in my shitphone (i.e. any smartphone that doesn’t bear the Mark of The FruitBeast) read: “get yo’self to Budgie and the Toad”.

And I sez to meself: Ok.

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