Wake up to…Candlebox

It’s weird how time changes your perspective. I used to ignore this song, even if a song by them marked my life in one of those moments that don’t feel like “The Moment” when you live them, but gain tremendous force when you look back at them.

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Review – Downtown Owl

Downtown Owl by Chuck Klosterman

Chuck Klosterman has an undeniable talent to make something trivial matter. Take his borderline obsession with KISS or how he can take the minutiae of pop culture (both well-known and obscure) and weave essay after essay about how everything is interconnected. He’s Dirk Gently for the Gen-X generation. With better fashion choices. Continue reading “Review – Downtown Owl”

All that just because the neighbours smoke a lot

Since I started living in this flat, all Thursday to Sunday mornings from has been the same nag:  I’m awakened by the acrid smell of cigarettes coming up from the neighbours’ apartment below, disrupting my thoughts and my life. The other thing I also noticed, since the first days, was another of the inhabitants of the building. She, who lived two stories below, who appeared … Continue reading All that just because the neighbours smoke a lot

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The Great Dust Bowl

This story was written to this tune, Counting Crows’ ‘Sullivan Street’

It was October 1994 and I was walking down that dusty little hill in my high school. I usually walked to the beat of whatever I managed to cram on those TDK 90 audio cassettes, but I was running out of money paying for batteries, so the walkman stayed at home. No worries, my memory is quite good and remembering the lyrics while walking to the tune in my head is always a good exercise in memory.

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Lost notes – 3

Previously, on Lost Notes…

Lost notes – 3

As the bus (sorry, coach) stops in one of those greasy food joints along the M1, I think about my green notebook. It has one of those elastic bands and it’s filled to the brim in notes and ideas for books and short stories that I will never write.

Even if its summer, I go for an Americano at Costa Coffee. It’s okay, it’s England. It’s the English summer, see the rain clouds?

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Underachievers please try harder – August 14, 2010

(or, a round of applause for the 24 hours of Le Mancs)

The Cavalcade + Just Handshakes (We’re British) + The Felt Tips @ Saki Bar, Manchester.

It was not a dark and stormy night, but the end of a sunny day in the Saki Bar, the last music joint you’ll find before venturing into Manchester’s Curry Mile (actual length: less than a mile).

It also was the Underachievers please try harder event, an event held every fortnight at the Saki bar, in Manchester. The event mixes a live gig with varied acts and some nice ditties to dance to.

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About being a corporate employee with a rockstar secret agenda

Editor’s note: We welcome back Homo Rodans, lead singer from Lumiere . Don’t be a stranger! – Quinto.

I was born March 10th, 1980. Most likely my first sign of life was a natural E flat powerful scream. Ergo, I was born a little screaming punk rather than your average baby. 21 years later, I became an engineer.

When I was 3 years old, I started playing with my cousins’ dinosaur-shaped piano. Later on, at 6, a red Hohner melodica became my best friend and one year later, I developed a strange rejection against acoustic guitars. I assume that was because of my dad’s many attempts to teach me to play boleros, which I found not amusing.

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