Looking back at… Thrice – The Alchemist Index (Vol. 1 – 4)

It’s always mind-blowing when a band you sort of tagged and bagged into a particular shelf in your genre cupboard (TM) becomes self-aware and evolves. Thrice is one of those cases: pigeonholed in the post-hardcore/screamo box, they pulled the rug for a lot of people in 2007 and 2008 with their quadruple EP (sold in two instalments of CDs or as a supersweet vinyl collectible) The Alchemy Index.

The premise : the four elements. The sound: varied. Thrice showed their musical talent by tackling a particular genre in each EP, and by golly’s stinky sneakers, they nailed it each time.

So, in celebration that the postman finally delivered a copy of their new album Major/Minor , we decided to do this collaborative post. The writers will be Chris Anderson, guitarist/singer/composer for Firesuite (check ’em), Tonan and Sam

Me? I didn’t get any EPs but I got the cookies. Booyah. It pays to be a cow.

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