Review: Dr. Who – Time-flight

Time-flight (1982)
Time-flight (1982)


Well fuck it doo woop doo dah… No Game of Thrones this week, so here’s a remastered edition of a review I wrote for another Shithole of a Website (TM) a few years ago.

You see, I went through an “wasn’t old Dr. Who great, you guys?” stage like anyone over 30 goes through and started to pay through the nose (because, let’s face it – they are very overpriced) for old Dr. Who DVDs. Here’s the first of many, many more to come…  Continue reading “Review: Dr. Who – Time-flight”

Nicholas Courtney

Nicholas Courtney (1929 – 2011 )

“Just once, I’d like to face an alien menace that wasn’t immune to bullets!”

We’ll take a moment from our usual music rants to remember this good fellow, who acted with all the Doctors from the past in one of the shows we enjoy (mostly) at the site, Doctor Who.

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The Sunday Soapbox – Alien Invasions

Your superior intelligence will be your downfall

Not long ago (a month, I think) I woke up on a fine sunday morning (not like the one described by Gwen Stefani) and I asked myself “What would happen if aliens decided to invade the Earth”?

It’s a recurrent thought of mine, but then again, I don’t have a girlfriend, so I still use my brain for MY random rants.
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