Review: Cowtown – Paranormal Romance

KISS has many interpretations. You know the old one, you probably swear by another, but the best one is “keep it sweet and simple.” Cowtown’s Paranormal Romance exemplifies this lil’ bit of homespun knowledge, as the album barely clocks 23 minutes. And that’s fine. Do you really need to make a long-ass, prog rock oeuvre to say something? Not really, sometimes a curt approach has its rewards. You might end … Continue reading Review: Cowtown – Paranormal Romance

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Kvetching in Sheffield – #1

Art: Glenn Miller.
Wet Nuns. By: Glenn Miller.

Waddle, waddle, waddle, it’s Springtime for Hitler and Germany…no, wait, that’s from The Producers, the best pisstake musical ever. After Spamalot. I think. Hey, that’s no ordinary rabbit.

Right-o, no more Percol Americano for me. It’s off to Tamper Coffee to write this excuse for a preview. Continue reading “Kvetching in Sheffield – #1”