EP Review: Irk – Bread And Honey


Some things in life are synonymous with each other, like AFC Ajax producing talented young footballers, or American TV companies making super addictive shows. For the city of Leeds it is being home to an endless amount of heavy music. Continue reading “EP Review: Irk – Bread And Honey”

Preview : Strangeforms


The fine people of Bad Owl (purveyors of great live music) have cool lil’ festival for you people bored of Easter Biblical films. StrangeThis very weekend, 19th and 20th of April, at the Wharf Chambers in Leeds, you’ll get a veritable cornucopia of bands, all for the grand total of 9 quid per day (or 15 for the whole weekend, so you know you need to go both days). Continue reading “Preview : Strangeforms”

Cat’s album of the week: Cleft

I’m sure we’re all familiar with the two Manchester Turbo – Prog dudes, Cleft…right? If you’re not, then, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? Goodness me, these two guys really have something special. Epicness oozes out of the sound in which they create with its highly addictive and consuming syncopated rhythms.  Furthermore, the duo are effortless in their deliverance – everything single element is clear, every single … Continue reading Cat’s album of the week: Cleft

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EP Round up: Wax Fang, June, Fighting, Cleft, Bleed Electric, Crushing Blows

Hullo hullo, it’s your editor-in-training, Orestes P. Xistos and I’ll be doing this week’s EP round-up. In honour of the new Spiderman flick not being as shit as Spiderman 3, I’ll be assigning a Sinister Six equivalents to each of these bands!

Continue reading “EP Round up: Wax Fang, June, Fighting, Cleft, Bleed Electric, Crushing Blows”