Vast Robot Armies’ Studio Diary – Day Six

“I like being in a recording studio. I like watching a song go from the simplicity of the original music.” – Grace Slick Some of the things I will remember about the Air B&B condo we stayed at. It was a beautiful condo. Exposed brick and high ceilings are a sure way to win me over in regards to living spaces. I still don’t understand … Continue reading Vast Robot Armies’ Studio Diary – Day Six

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Vast Robot Armies’ Studio Diary – Day Five

“Use the talents you possess, for the woods would be very silent if no birds sang except the best.” – Henry Van Dyke   Recording Day!   I was anxious and excited. But there was a clarity and focus within that anxiety. I knew that no matter what, the drums were going to sound amazing. In theory, if it all went bad, we could just … Continue reading Vast Robot Armies’ Studio Diary – Day Five

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Vast Robot Armies’ Studio Diary – Day One

(Author’s note – subsequent days will be less verbose, as back ground is needed to give context) Let it be known: I hate flying. I hate the whole deal, start to finish. I hate the subway to the airport. I hate the inevitable wait for the boarding. I hate the moment the airline representative comes on the intercom and tells everyone there are mechanical issues … Continue reading Vast Robot Armies’ Studio Diary – Day One

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Interview – Spacesuit

Source: Spacesuit’s Facebook.

About a month ago, we reviewed Spacesuit‘s Future Girls and really wanted to know a little bit more about the release, the current state of Spacesuit and the plans of their individual members. A quick email interchange ensued and Clayton Brown was kind enough to answer most of these questions. Enjoy! Continue reading “Interview – Spacesuit”

Interview – The Life and Times

The Life and Times. Legends. 

A few years ago, a group of scientists recorded the sound of stars (really!). The technique called stellar seismology gives us a sound and that sound describes what the star is made from. It’s a sound that pulsates and stays with you.

So is also the sounds that The Life and Times gives us in every release. Called space rock (a term thrown around by several fans – specially us), their music is quite dynamic and atmospheric, where every instrument has a clear cut voice perfectly enveloping each other, like twine.

We had the pleasure of reviewing their latest offering, No one loves you like I do (review) and even better, we managed to get much cherished interview with Allen Epley (guitars/vocals). Without any further ado, here it is…

Continue reading “Interview – The Life and Times”