Announcement: ArcTanGent’s final line-up

Whoa, what? ArcTanGent! It’s a festival that’s been meteorically rising, but instead of shattering like a cookie once it reaches the atmosphere, it’s been gathering strength and growing stronger. Tell me more. A final addition to the line up has been announced (hence this post, my imaginary friend.) New bands added are Cult of Luna, CHON, LITE, pg.lost, Toundra, Young Legionnaires & PSOTY. Cult of … Continue reading Announcement: ArcTanGent’s final line-up

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News: Arctangent announces MONO as headliner


Great news to every single one of you lucky people going to ArcTangent, as Mono has been announced as headliner. Alongside legends This will Destroy you, Russian Circles and God is an astronaut, this elevates the festival to a higher, rarefied atmosphere. This is Mono’s ONLY European Festival gig for 2014. Fret not, there’s an album coming up this year, so if you can’t make it to the festival, there’s Mono in your future. Continue reading “News: Arctangent announces MONO as headliner”