Review: Psychic Twin – Strange Diary

It was 2011 and I was looking at the pitch black darkness of Crookes Road. The blistering wind, howling through the badly insulated window. The old speakers, patched with electrical tape and paperclips, still worked. The song was a weird one, a mantra-like repetition with garbled vocals. It was strangely hypnotic. It was so different to everything she’d done before. I was listening to Psychic Twin, a new venture by Erin Fein, … Continue reading Review: Psychic Twin – Strange Diary

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The Lost Gem: Absinthe Blind – Rings

  This one I have some history with. Flashback to 2011. It’s late November, the city of Sheffield is the coldest it has felt in ages and the amount of lab work I need to do for my PhD is staggering. On a personal note, things are going a little south in a relationship and it feels like it will all end in tears. The only … Continue reading The Lost Gem: Absinthe Blind – Rings

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Interview – Headlights & Psychic Twin

Photo taken from Psychic Twin’s Facebook.

Absinthe Blind. Headlights. Psychic Twin. Three very different bands, with a couple of members being transferred every time it undergoes a regeneration, Doctor Who style. Continue reading “Interview – Headlights & Psychic Twin”