Politics = Apocalypse

Grails – Deep Politics

The skinny: Jekyll and Hyde.

The review proper: Another Grails‘ corker of an album.

Stream – ‘Deep Politics’

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Fifteen springs and one mandolin after

R.E.M. – Collapse into now

The skinny: Still a trio, still making consistently good music.

The review proper: Nah, sorry, I’m biased. I’m still a fanboy.

Stream- Discoverer

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The metamorphosis of a band

Wheatus – Pop, songs & death: Vol. 2 – The Jupiter EP

The Skinny: Progeatus!

The Review proper: “In the words of the Virgin Mary: Come again?”

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Floating endlessly under the stars

Amusement Parks on Fire – Road eyes

Stargazers, that’s how Amusement Parks on Fire have defined themselves, not shoegazers. This really strikes me as surprise because every time I listen to them I feel like turning my head up to the sky (or the ceiling, it basically depends where am I at that moment). I’m not sure if that movement comes from their high pitched-tone songs or because there’s certain hidden optimistic message behind their songs. Still, I wonder.

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Interview – Gregory & The Hawk

Gregory and the Hawk (interview):

One of our best writers, Tonantzin, got a chance to ask Meredith Godreau (aka Gregory and the Hawk) a few of questions. Why? Because Tonan’s a great writer (and a fan) and Meredith Godreau is a wonderful artist, that’s why?

Anyhoo, enough rambling, here’s their email conversation:

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