The Smashing Pumpkins – Oceania

Oceania. I’d hate to say this is a return to form because… who the fuck knows what is the “form” of Smashing Pumpkins? They’ve changed in every single album, tackling psychedelia, shoegaze, prog, experimental, concept albums and metal. No album resembles the previous and I for one am grateful of a band that always mutates so much while still keeping those atmospheres and those lyrics. Continue reading “The Smashing Pumpkins – Oceania”

Sad Accordions – A bad year for the Sharons

Sooo… all begins here. Clever Slouchers will know that Messrs. Valdés López and How go a little weak at the knees when Seth Woods (Whisky Priest /Sad Accordions) hang some tunes out on the line and let ‘em float among us mere mortals. Well, hailing from Austin, Texas, gives the Accordions a head start I guess so when we drift into ‘It’s a New Day’ you know … Continue reading Sad Accordions – A bad year for the Sharons

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Interview – TrojanHorse (2012)

Shamelessly stolen from Trojanhorse’s Facebook page.

#IFOWONPRO. That’s the only thing you need to think when you listen to Trojanhorse. Well, you could also think about socialism, space fights in ships resembling F-14 Tomcats (with T. Rex’s in the pilot seat, of course) or what would happen if you do an impromptu interview with a super friendly singer/guitarist with a penchant for prog loveliness, a voice like Simon Pegg in Spaced and an army of well armed finches in his beard.

So, yeah, Nicholas Wyatt Duke from Trojanhorse, a man wanted in 4 boroughs for baptising sweet lyrics and bootlegging overdubs, is sitting across me in Nexus Café, in Manchester. The coffee is excellent and the music is just the right shade of suave, so I ask him a few question while the finches steal my eccles cake. Selah.  Continue reading “Interview – TrojanHorse (2012)”

Interview – The Legend of 7 Black Tentacles

Picture this: a small cramped practise room in the heart of (well, near one of the football stadiums, dunno which team). 6 musicians, all from very different backgrounds. Not a single guitarist in sight (well, there’s one but he is not playing guitar) and a bass player that was AWOL, saving the world from the evil forces of Pitchfork and Robert Christgau. Continue reading “Interview – The Legend of 7 Black Tentacles”

Ryan Adams @ Sheffield City Hall

Mr. Cat. Shamelessly stolen from Ryan Adams’ twitter.

An eventful Friday meant that the opening act was missed. Eventful in a not very happy way, but that’s life. The long week of rain wasn’t helping. Still, time to see a musician I’ve waited ages to see live (c’mon, drop by México!) Continue reading “Ryan Adams @ Sheffield City Hall”

Interview – Firesuite

It was the week after their Tramlines triathlon, but Firesuite were not taking a single moment off. They had new songs to practise and old songs to fine tune. They are in a corner room at Stag Works and after fiddling with some pedal settings and joking for a few moments, they proceed to rip out a few tunes.

We then go into the main courtyard, a couple of cigarrettes are lit, a few brews, ranging from ales to beers, are opened and a lot of questions are fired towards Firesuite. Wait, who are they? Well, they are Christopher Anderson (guitars, voice), Sarah Griffiths (guitar, voice), Chris Minor (bass, keyboards) and Richard Storer (drums). Christopher’s brother is taking photos and video, while a friend of the band, Stu, is also present. Stu plays keyboard during live renditions of ‘Sci-Fi Lullaby’.  Continue reading “Interview – Firesuite”