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of Montreal – thecontrollersphere

Stream – ‘L’age D’or’

It’s hard to describe of Montreal to the newly initiated. You play them a song, any song and the looks you get say it all. What does it all mean? The cover? The art? The title? Their whole discography? No idea whatsoever. It is a true “take it or leave it” species of band.

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A Dark Summer

Review: Bonobo – Black Sands

Over a pint of winter-themed cider, I was sat in the pub with some folks from the Sloucher head office and we were heatedly discussing the ‘End of Year Lists’ for the site.

You see, although Sloucher could probably profess to being ‘quirky’ in almost every respect, when it comes to the hot topic of making lists we’re out there with the best (worst?) of ‘em. Our motto: Occasionally give into peer pressure.

Anyway, without giving too much away (well, ok, giving a little bit away) the subject of Bonobo came up. Now, I for one immediately thought, “Yup yup, Zero-7-ish chill out Ibiza not interested” but my co-worker kept insisting that this was something I was blatantly ignorant to and missing out on. So in the end I gave into peer pressure and have since been eating my thoughts.

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Wake up song for today- 68

I wanted something relaxing to post on Easter Sunday, day of all roast dinners and family gatherings and chocolate eggs, and I thought of one of my favourite jazz musicians…the one and only, angel-faced heavenly-voiced Mr Baker. Here he is in 1987, one year before his unfortunate demise, with a live version of his classic recording of ‘My Funny Valentine’. Ok so it’s the wrong public … Continue reading Wake up song for today- 68

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