Nowhere Again – Now I am Twenty

Stream – ‘Hardman Square’

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Interview – Fuzzy Lights

It’s no secret that we love Manchester’s own Little Red Rabbit Records here at the office (aka, Quinto’s shed, which, strangely enough, is also James May’s). Anyways, we loved Twin Feathers (shameless plug for review) and we got our own PM to drop them a few questions…


A quiet affair

Chi Limpiroj + Jay Leighton + Les Shelleys + Gregory and the Hawk @ Night and Day Café, Manchester

Picture this: A cold Monday night in Manchester in a half filled Night and Day Café. 4 acts with no rhythm sections (at least, not conventional ones) and a looming harsh winter season. Such was the stage for a night of calm music.

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Interview – The Last Harbour

The Last Harbour

Here’s a song for your reading experience…

The Last Harbour are a musical collective from all around England, but based in Manchester. Their music veers from the overdramatic (can’t go wrong with that) to that unnamed feeling between sorrow and longing. I’ve been a fan for a while and after being thrown into a train by Nat Johnson & The Figureheads (due to a interview that went awry), I arrived to Manchester Picadilly Station. I then got a lift from two little goblins that befriended me in the concourse and they drive me to a placed called Sandbar in Grosvenor street

There, a man completely dressed in black and nurturing a pale beer and a copy of The Guardian sat. I recognised him as Kevin Craig from The Last Harbour and sat in front of him in order to have a chat …

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Mancunian musical radiation

I am Kloot @ Leadmill, Sheffield October 6 2010

As previously stated in another review in this very site, it’s hard to detach yourself from the sometimes impossibly high expectations of a band you love and the show you get.

Such is the case for I am Kloot, a band that took me into a long, arduous path of emotional gordian knots and slice of life lyrics with their second album, I am Kloot.

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Underachievers please try harder – August 14, 2010

(or, a round of applause for the 24 hours of Le Mancs)

The Cavalcade + Just Handshakes (We’re British) + The Felt Tips @ Saki Bar, Manchester.

It was not a dark and stormy night, but the end of a sunny day in the Saki Bar, the last music joint you’ll find before venturing into Manchester’s Curry Mile (actual length: less than a mile).

It also was the Underachievers please try harder event, an event held every fortnight at the Saki bar, in Manchester. The event mixes a live gig with varied acts and some nice ditties to dance to.

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A stark, foggy night

I am Kloot – Sky at night

The Skinny: “Some things were made for you to sit and listen to, in a particular order. Some stories have a beginning, a middle and an end. Sit down and listen to ‘Sky at Night’. It has a story to tell you.” – Frank Cotrell Boyce’s Open Letter, published at I am Kloot‘s website.

The review proper: It’s a new stage for I am Kloot (Mercury nominated! Yeah!) and this album is fantastic. No way to beat around the bush. The sound of I am Kloot gets a little re-working (more of a vitamin injection), but never loses it’s identity. Now, lyrics-wise, it’s business as usual, it’s salt of the earth stuff. Urban malaise, yearning, middle age concerns and the usual enlightening pub conversation (we all have been there. Or will be in a few hours).

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Review – KiN (demos)

While we wait for the proper review of KiN‘s first EP ‘…’, here’s a quick review of the first batch of demos contained in their Myspace: No outline The intro is great, with the little droning buzz being a little canvas where samples and the “goat voiced girl” start improvising. There’s some moody stuff, but in true KiN fashion, the tempo picks up (love that … Continue reading Review – KiN (demos)

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Interview : Kin


Although the day was very sunny, a chilly gust roamed the streets of that cradle of music and fashion, Manchester.

A whole essay could be written about the many types of genres melting together in this city and the focus today is on an artist that takes from several genres and blends them together into a good mix.

Appropriately enough, the interview is carried in a pub/café. After a quick chat outside Vintage Vinyl (the downfall of my wallet), the lovely KiN takes me to a nearby place, which, oddly enough, looks like that pub where Shaun Ryder shoots a gun at a mirror to scare off Tony Wilson (or Steve Coogan’s version of him).

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