About us…

We are currently not taking unsolicited promos. 

Sloucher is the creation of one slightly deranged Mexican gentleman called (allegedly) Sam J. Valdés López. He writes most of this shit, but paid me (Orestes) to write it for him. Huh.

With a healthy rota of guest writers from all around the net, we try to review as much as we can. We don’t pay but we can bribe them with false promises of sweets and Jaffa cakes (hmm, jaffa cakes)…

We also specialise on being late with reviews, backhanded compliments and possibly liking stuff more than it deserves.

We might be a tribute act to Calvin and Hobbes. We are currently on hiatus. JUST LIKE CALVIN AND HOBBES. We might come back. I wish Calvin and Hobbes came back.

We are not on SubmitHub.

Right, links:

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The reason we don’t talk about politics and religion (and this includes atheism/agnostics/pastafarians) is because we ain’t giving any of them free publicity (good or bad). Ta.

By the way, have you met our dear boy Lester?

All audio that is streamed on this website is there for the purposes of listener enjoyment and so that readers can experience new music and bands on the internet without having to illegally download their music. Some artists will give us audio files from time to time and in said cases, it will be explicitly stated. We do not own the copyright to this material and if you wish for us to take something off the website please email us.


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