New music: Gilmore Trail – Nocturne

Winter’s apricity sun never brings that warmth we crave. Sure, a serving of UV rays gets the Vitamin D machine running -take that, sun lamp!- but still, 3°C at noon? Surely this is a mistake and I will send my severest remonstrace to the manager, with a copy to his remora-like underlings.

Anyways, where was I? Gilmore Trail, a fantastic post rock band from Sheffield is just but a mere days from releasing their brand new album, Impermanence, a delightful mix of expansive atmospheres and profound melancholy.

A fine example of said melancholy can be witnessed in ‘Nocturne’, their newest single. A solemn reflection over frozen ponds and eerie quiet days in cities where uncertainty is now the new norm.

Impermanence is released on January 21. Pre-order all sort of cool bundles right here. If you happen to enjoy this track, why not check the other releases from this album? ‘Ruins’ shows a whole fiercer side of Gilmore Trail.

Words: Sam J. Valdés López

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