Stream: Leapling – Hey Sister

Many fantastic cocktails made by the fine bands in Exploding in Sound Records have been served this year. 2 Inch Astronaut, akin to an LSD spiked fruit punch. Kal Marks, a ginger beer with a whiskey chaser, still burning your throat. Washer, that hair of the dog michelada you drink to face back reality. Palehound , finally getting a release in the UK, with their substantial punch, akin to a Long Island Iced Tea. 

And then we have Leapling, a hot toddy of a band, ready to soothe the pain away, with a numbing effect hidden in its relaxed flavour. ‘Hey Sister’, their most recent track, finds Leapling strumming life away. And life comes back, in loud, raucous guitar solo that complements Dan Arnes‘ dulcimer vocals perfectly.

If you fancy more Leapling, their previous taster from Suspended Animation is ‘Alabaster Snow’

Suspended animation is out June 10th on Exploding in Sound Records.

Words: Sam J. Valdés López

Leapling Bandcamp. Website. Twitter. Facebook.

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