Stream: Bat For Lashes – In God’s House


I think we always had a thing for Bat for Lashes in this Shithole of a Website (TM) called Sloucher. And after last year’s tremendously good Sexwitch, news of more Bat For Lashes was the proverbial psychedelic cherry on top.

‘In God’s House’ is the second song released (check the ethereal ‘I do’ if you haven’t) and it harks more to that dark electronica sound Bat For Lashes loves to pull out of the darker realms of magick. Natasha Khan‘s voice is still one of the best around and no matter how many baroque and floaty synths you put around it, it’s her vocals what will always give any Bat for Lashes song its soul.

Can’t wait for this album. In the meantime, here’s the menacing joy that is ‘In God’s House’.

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