Premiere: Acidolandia


We are overjoyed to bring you an exclusive stream of Acidandali‘s brand new EP, Acidolandia. The soundtrack to an imaginary lost film finds the Mexican trio deep into found sound territory, where the loud squeals, unnerving cracks and fuzzy shouts of a thousand lucid dreams intertwine to bring 5 tracks pulled from the rarefied ether that surrounds a collective brain cortex.

And if you think that sounded pretentious, wait for our review. In the meantime, listen to the EP that started as a diss and evolved into a slice of experimental ambient music.


Acidolandia is out on March 3rd and there are 33 physical copies, each one with a zine filled with short story goodies.

Did you know… Acidandali was in our “Best of 2015” list? We swear they are!

Words: Sam J. Valdés López

Acidandali Facebook. Tumblr. Soundcloud. Bandcamp. Twitter.

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