Stream: The Eastern Sea – Boy in Blue

SONY DSCI love The Eastern Sea. Since accidentally running into them thanks to Daytrotter, I’ve found them marvellous. Last year I was stupidly lucky to see them live several times (four!) during SXSW and they delivered a perfect set of new songs. One of these particular songs made a mark. It actually captured that strange feeling of having to move from one country to another after 5 long years.

The song is ‘Boy in Blue’ and it’s now streaming on their bandcamp. If you pre-order their brand new album, The Witness, you get an immediate copy of the song. Sweet!

Why should you get this song? Because it’s an “indie” (!) song with barely no guitar, it’s perfectly recorded, mixed and mastered and has a chilling ending. It’s the feeling of a realization, coming to you a little too late about the fact. It’s about putting two mirrors in front of each other and gazing at the figure exponentially multiplying into infinity, each reflection turning darker everytime.

And to those reflections, you ask “who you are?” and that questions repeats infinitely, remaining unaswered.

Family heirlooms, false memories, baseball and many more subjects will be tackled on The Witness, out digitally on November 13th. I can’t ruddy wait.

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