Stream: Surf Rock is Dead – Never be the same

sridSurf Rock is Dead‘s brand new album just came out last Friday and we’re late to the party, because, shit, son, when have you seen a Mexican that arrives on time?

I’m a Mexican’t, Johnny Depp knew me well.

ANYWAYS, Surf Rock is Dead deal a post-punky rock with thick atmospheres. Or, as Bubbles from The Wire would say: “The thin line between awake and asleep.” Their self-titled EP is out and ‘Never be the same’ should get you through the Morning blues.

Fancy a tad more of their stuff? Well, the entire EP is streaming on Soundcloud and we’ve saved you the problem of looking for it. Check it out (I heartily endorse ‘Zen A’):

Surf Rock is Dead Soundcloud. Facebook. Twitter.

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