Review: Pree – Rima


For years and years, we keep hearing the term “summer album” as a general catch-all for albums with breezy moods and ever-so-dreamy vocals. I’d hate to tag Pree‘s Rima with such an unimaginative tag because their music is everything but.

Take for example ‘Hooks & Eyes’, a tour de force performance where Pree integrate both the sombre and the vivacious; a swirling force of nature that destroys and reassembles conventions. May Tabol‘s vocals shivers and warbles as if had an internal Echo Park pedal and could be tweaked around to play with the other swirled notes on display. Or consider the folky ‘Another Thought’, with its sudden changes in pace and style: from indie to dream pop, from chillwave to minimalistic.

A kaleidoscopic approach to music, the greatest trick here is that there is a consistency to the chaos and creation peddled by Pree. This by no means imply that there’s a mold for these songs, heck, if there was a mold, Pree never bothered to even check it. ‘Walk Right’ is a good example of how a conventional pop approach is swiftly abandoned with the greatest of ease: why jar your listeners when you can slowly lull them around into the dark recesses of your dark mind? ‘Walk right’ is probably the most ambitious track in Rima and that’s saying a lot: competition was stiff.

It’s an interesting object, this little Rima thing: never as ornate as to qualify as chamber pop, never too hazy to be dream pop, never too noodly to be math pop. It’s an intersection of those three elements and that’s what makes it so unique.

Words: Sam J. Valdés López

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