Video round up: The Hot Soles, Sur Back, Bonetti, The Smösh, Matt & Kim

Howdy ho! We’ve found a few good videos who could handle the truth and here they are for your perusal and hopefully visual pleasure.

Razzle dazzle! The Hot Soles, one of the best live bands I’ve seen, have drip fed their way and now the brand new single, ‘Glorious Blunder’, have them re-enacting End of Watch, but with 20% less violence. Single is released on all digital platforms on 27/April.

There’s always some strange essence lingering at night in big cities. Sur Back‘s video for ‘Jane Eyre’ captures that dark neon and sodium-vapor lights prelude that inevitably ends somewhere stranger and magical (the beach, which I do miss). This is a single of Sur Back‘s debut album, Kitsch, coming out very soon.

Bonetti‘s new EP, Dos Mescals para Vamanos, mixes math rockness with found sounds and a strange tinge of Latinamerican weirdness. The video for ‘Flying in to Bogotá’ captures a slice of that otherwordly mindtrip of being in a strange country (tbh all countries are weird, but I’m an agoraphobic). Another joint from the always trippy The Audacious Art Experiment, Dos Mescals para Vamanos is out on 27/April.

The long journey that The Smösh have traveled for their new album, 7 días de oscuridad, including having to move out from their hometown due to local violence, seems to permeate on their new single, ‘Animal sin voluntad’. A gloomier side of pop, indeed.

Matt & Kim need your help! And your dance moves! ‘Can you blame me’, their latest single, already has a video that should please tabletfaces (like sleevefaces…) and now they want to do a fan edition where fans can record themselves dancing to the lovely ditty. More info (including contact details) right here.

I’m off, left some beans cooking and I can’t deal with the fire brigade again.


Word: Orestes P. Xistos

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