Review: Thurston Moore – The Best Day


Sonic Youth. There, I said it. Yep, the parents of a hundred bastard art rock protagonists (will someone PLEASE explain that term?)

Mommy Kim and Daddy Thurston have fallen out and dad has moved to London and he has a new band. The Best Day at first listen kinda flattens you after the first two tracks that clock in at around 20 minutes. Thurston is doing his own version of Psychedelic Pill (our review), he even sounds like a demented Uncle Neil at times.

Guitars growl and spit a machine gun fire, bass and drums pound incessantly. ‘Tape’ glances backwards to Trees outside the Academy while the title track is spikey and “sonic”. London must be treating Thurston Moore well because this album feels, dare I say, fresh, energetic and clean.

‘Destination’ heads out at full throttle all tight and ferocious. Moore, now 56, is still the master of the fuzzy pounding wig out and seems like nothing is going to stop him.

Classic stuff, it’s business as usual. New band, new city, new life, same shit. Great or as they say in Sheffield “Awreet YOUTH”.
Words: Keefyh

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