Review: The Purgatory Players – Final Home Recordings


Deserts (review) was a stunning album. If you have not heard it then rectify your oversight immediately. This new(ish) four track e.p. showcases the extraordinary talents of one of Sheffield’s finest and, dare I say, overlooked combos.

Sticking two fingers up in the general direction of popular culture, The Purgatory Players always turn left and stride out with an obvious confidence. Always inventive and lyrically powerful, The Players open with ‘Mud and Desire’, a fairly heavy composition that carefully avoids rock clichés before a gentler ‘Father of the Leaves’ a whimsical tale full of the usual strangeness we have come to expect.

But it is the bands ability to observe the normality of the everyday that is really pleasing. ‘Waiting for the Rainbow’ is a perfect example of the power of Saull’s poetry.

‘Eucalyptus’ is a fitting finale. Robert Saull’s voice is at its most powerful. As ever there is integrity and a sideways honesty infused into the heart of the music.

“More Cash than Cash” he growls rather than wails his blues and there is not a dry eye in the house.
The Purgatory Players. Value for your money. If these are their final works the legacy they leave us is priceless.

Baby, Please don’t Go….

Words: Keith How

The Purgatory Players Soundcloud. Facebook.

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