Stream – AUXVJ

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Mr. Jonathan Arellano has many faces for his music. Sometimes he goes wild prog with URSS bajo el árbol. Sometimes he’s just part of a gestalt entity called Xavier, where all voices have equal weight. Other times, he ponders about love, life and madness with The Jonathan Arellano Project. And sometimes he’s just performing with a rip-roaring good all timers called Los Viernes Swing Band.

Not content with all those colours in his palette, his newest side-project (arguably : all of them are sides of the same dice) is AUXVJ, an free form experimental band, mostly born out of a love of live improv and arts. This is when I shut up and let you go into the piece, recorded live at Mexico’s Galería Alfredo Ginnochio as Jonathan interacted with two art pieces by Ramsés Olaya.


AUXVJ is part of Noise Affair, a Mexican collective of musicians doing some excellent experimental work. Check some of their stuff out here.

Words: Sam J. Valdés López

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