Review: Brontide – Artery


The final act of a film is never considered great without a proper build up and like a good film director Brontide understand the importance of tension and suspense. ‘Tonitro’ starts mysteriously as the band layer their sound by picking through guitar chords before introducing the main riff.

‘Bare My Bones’ builds up intricately, dies back down with chords and comes bursting back through with a riff that perfectly captures the uplifting nature of instrumental rock.

 Brontide make you wait, they never drop you right in at the deep end with a face melting riff, instead preferring to keep their cards close to their chest. This makes Artery an intriguing listen because there is an uncertainty as to what is going to come next.

‘Cabin’ shows the band playing with funk tinged riffs. Usually, when the word funk is mentioned in the same sentence as a guitar band I can’t help but think about an over reliance on wah pedals and cheesiness. Fortunately, there is none of that where Cabin is concerned and Brontide keep it in context with the songs that have come before it.

‘Knives’ is a post rock roller coaster, starting with mellowed out guitars and synths, the track hits its peak with an assault of heavy chords and riffs.

Overall, Brontide have the art of build up on point, providing the balance between serene sound scapes and blistering chords. As a whole, Artery is cohesive and ebbs and flows with ease. For fans and new comers of post rock, the album will be a solid one addition for sure.

Words: Ryan Moss

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