Review: First Aid Kit – Stay Gold


Hmmm, seems like only yesterday two sweet young Swedish girls were instructing about fifteen of us in Bungalows and Bears about the wonders of Gram Parsons. I kinda smiled to myself in that smug way that the older and wiser of us often do when those younger in years tell us how it is. But their enthusiasm was infectious and the performance invigorating.

First Aid Kit’s set was slightly Americana tinged with some great harmonies. A few years down the line and a couple of critically acclaimed records later finds First Aid Kit now rubbing shoulders with some of Indie’s finest and coolest dudes, well ok, Connor Oberst.

A fresh new record produced in the afore said Bright one’s studio is before us. It’s called Stay Gold. First impression is that the girls are now ladies and from promo shots look as if they are extras in Game of Thrones. Everyone seems to love this album. Terms such as “mature“ and “polished” are bandied around and quite correctly. The songs are pretty, arrangements clever, highlighting the precious harmonies as they sing a kind of world weary indie/country rock.

I guess it’s “safe”. When they sing about being a waitress in a small town, I was left kinda wishing they would try it for a couple of winters and then make another record. Hope that’s not too cruel. No doubt wowing a festival near you this summer. Enjoy.

Words: Keefy How

First Aid Kit Website. Facebook. Soundcloud.

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