Review: Feature – Culture of the copy


I’ve always suspected Tye Die Tapes serves as a hub for bandmembers to start other bands with other musicians who want to change their musical output. I also suspect “side-project” or “alternate band” are terms that do look down on this, but that’s just my idiosyncrasies acting up.

Anyways, Feature includes members of people who have spent a good time inside TDT HQ and this is a less loud release from the label. Culture of the copy (available on tape and download) is made up four pop punk tracks that veer into that dreamy territory Headlights and Electrelane* walked through coyly once a lifetime ago. ‘Psalms’ is a strong opener, with a relentless pace that never turns a hoot into a holler, sometimes letting the vocal go mute for you to zip along the droning music.

‘Reeling’ is my “to go” track from this collection. Although the music saunters, the vocals inject the track with an overdose of urgency. There’s something about the last “reeling” sung that does assuage any anxiety risen by the song. ‘Twins’ works as a sort of musical Tomax & Xamot : two faces, two rhythms and still the same persona standing in front of you.

And so we get to ‘Fuzz’ and excuse me while I recklessly drive a recently acquired cop car and buy some Cornetto‘s. I tend to love cover songs and this cover is pretty sweet (and succinct.) These four songs sure breeze through. Let’s see what Feature has in the future for us.

*I recommend placing Feature‘s ‘Reeling’ and Electrelane‘s ‘On Parade’ back to back in a mixtape. Works pretty well.

Words: Sam J. Valdés López

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