Ninetails – Quiet Confidence


Well, we’ve witnessed quite a transformation here. From a band that ran rings around the Math Rock genre to a band that creates abstract multilayered tracks that capture an otherworldly feel, Ninetails have skyrocketed through genres, with the fallout becoming a collection of EPs we keep enjoying more and more, as they are both catchy and rewarding.

Now, Quiet Confidence has been sitting in my laptop for a while. Way before the whole barrage of genres that was SXSW. I was waiting for the right moment to tackle this EP and now, as I watch Carnival of Souls with no sound, well, it doesn’t sync but it’s a great companion piece.

Because this album requires a visual companion. In my case it was an old film that oozes atmosphere. For you, dear reader, it could be a walk in the park, watching the sky or just sinking into a comfy sofa. “Comfy” being a keyword here, as the 6 tracks in Quiet Confidence take a chilled out pace. ‘Radiant hex’ lays out a thick atmosphere occasionally mutated by trumpets and the odd guitar part. ‘An aria’ feels like a freefall in slow motion, akin to Brad Pitt being knocked out in Snatch.  Up to ‘Quiet Confidence/Pure utopian moment’ (the highlight of the EP), the seemingly warm atmosphere takes a chilling turn and this worked out just right with the film I was watching on mute.


‘Hopelessly devoted’ is stark and not even the trumpet can save it from being a gloom interlude; the flipside to the warmth conveyed on the first half of the EP is now dispelled. ‘Sinn Djinn’ flows effortlessly from stark to warmth in less than 5 minutes. Still, there’s an uneasy, hard to describe sound that lingers on, once it all has finished…

The evolution of Ninetails has been an interesting one. Let’s see what they do next after this EP. Keep an eye on them and rub it in the face of anyone saying “good music is not being made today.”

Words: Sam J. Valdés López

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