Review : The Darcys – Hymn for a missing girl

I think what I always liked about The Darcys is their desire to do new things, putting themselves against a wall and jackhammer their way out of the situation.

Sure, they did that Canadian alternative stuff for a while, but then they whopped a few asses with Aja (our review), a cover of Steely Dan‘s album that made me a believer in them. Last year’s Warring was a gorgeous piece and now, just in time for Record Store Day 2014, The Darcys release a 20 minute gem called ‘Hymn for a missing girl’, inspired by Cormac McCarthy‘s Cities of the Plain (I suggest you read it.)

Now, I’ve shown my love for single tracks with several movements (see my review of Bleakwater‘s The Sunless Country) and ‘Hymn for a missing girl’ has The Darcys exploring different genres. There’s a creepy choral intro which taps into the stark feelings Cities of the Plain‘s grim atmosphere inspires. This segues slowly into an electronic atmosphere worthy of competing with Nine Inch Nails‘s Ghosts (a fine collection of instrumental pieces, I might add.)

The pace changes, mood improves but remains gloomy. It’s a seamless change from ambient into industrial dance, which explodes into some mighty drumming. The changes are there, adding pathos to a track full of ideas, which, I’m happy to report, all stick and percolate slowly. The denouement of the track  is long and hard, eerie as the final chapters of the book (which I refuse to spoil -READ  IT!). Kudos to The Darcys for this track, a pleaser for a bookworm like me who loves multilayered music.

Words: Sam J. Valdés López


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