Jim Ghedi “Satori” album launch, 5.4.13 Bank Street Arts Sheffield.


A digital projection (Jade Crowe) Live improvisational painting (Keith How, Sampa Mulenga, Edith Rothwell) and Jim Ghedi’s band constructed a multi media happening to celebrate the release of the Satori album.

The Satori band personnel consisted of musicians who contributed to the formation of the studio album along with some special guests with the intention of improvising around the major themes of Satori.

What actually happened was a complete deconstruction of the album that completely reworked Jim’s concept. The magnificent mind blowing fusion captured the spirit of Satori without sounding anything like the original. Ninety minutes or so of improvisation sounds like an impossible task but this band of gypsies undertook the journey with a sense of reverence and respect that rendered the experience gripping and magical.

The seven musicians seemed to communicate by telepathy knowing when to allow another to expand the theme or drop into silence. Musically the improvisations crossed many boundaries but never overstayed their welcome. Always underpinned by Heppleston’s expressive bass and Ben Eckersley’s evocative cello playing. Holbyn’s muted Miles-esque trumpet and Moss’ inspired violin often made way for the intricate and delicate harp of Graham McElearney. Ric Booth played electric guitar. His sonics added a sense of other worldliness and his solos embellished and never imposed.

Hervez Perez’s saxophone flowed as clear as a mountain waterfall. The man himself Jim Ghedi led with his acoustic guitar treatments often swapping for sax and percussion.

One can only stand in awe of these tremendous Sheffield musicians who created this astounding experience. A standing ovation from a packed room says it all.

It was a privilege to be part of the event and to be inspired by and experience the music created.

The Satori Band: Jim Ghedi, Herve Perez, Graham McElearney, Ric Booth, Neal Heppleston, Ben Hoblyn, Ben Eckersley, Llewelyn Moss.

Words: Keefy H ( paint)


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