Podcast: An Americana Mixtape for your Datsun Saloon

When I was a kid, my mother drove us around everywhere in her Orange(later Crimson) Datsun car. I can’t recall the exact model (looked like a Laurel) but I remember the button controlled stereo and that the music we heard was this station that played 70s rock and Americana. Stuff like America, Bread, Gram Parsons, Big Star, John Denver and the Eagles were some of the staples, besides other AOR stuff.

Flashforward a couple of years and a lot of those lost sounds come back, mostly thanks to Mark Kozelek, Magnolia Electric Co. and Dust on the breakers (who I’ll feature in another podcast). Not only in their original form, but also as cover versions. Tributes, homages, ripoffs, tip of the hat. Call them what you want, I just find a lot of warmth in the sound of Americana and well done 70s rock.

This mix tackles the distant past (Gram Parsons, Flying Burrito Brothers, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, The Eagles, Big Star), the not so distant past (Counting Crows, The Wallflowers, Uncle Tupelo, Grant Lee Phillips, Son Volt, Ryan Adams) and the fresh out of the oven (The Payroll Union, The Clench, Emma Swift, Actual Wolf, Matt Bauer, Canyon Family, Charlie Parr, Heather McEntire). There’s also a big tip of the hat to Magnolia Electric Co. (check out Jason Molina’s cover of Warren Zevon), who we really miss. A couple of these tracks are from the Mark Kozelek curated tribute to John Denver, called Take me home.I suggest you check it. One track it’s from the upcoming tribute to Jason Molina, organised by Rock the cause (don’t worry, I paid for the album :P). This compilation is called Farewell Transmission,and you can pre-order.

Enjoy and thank you for your ears. If you fancy any of the bands, please, read more about them @ the links section.

Words: Sam J. Valdés López.

Actual Wolf Website. Bandcamp. Twitter. Facebook.

Sun Kil Moon WebsiteMyspaceLast.fmSpotify.

The Clench FacebookReverbnationMyspaceTwitter.

Big Star Website.

The Payroll Union WebsiteFacebook.  Twitter. YoutubeBandcamp.

Matt Bauer Website. Twitter. Facebook. Instagram.

Mount Moriah (Heather McEntire‘s band) Website. Twitter.

Rachel Goswell Website. Twitter.

My Morning Jacket Website. Myspace. Last.fm. Twitter. Facebook. Soundcloud.

Emma Swift Website. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Soundcloud.

James William Hindle Website. Facebook. Last.fm.

Counting Crows Website. Facebook. Twitter. Soundcloud. Myspace. Last.fm.

Grant Lee Phillips Website. Facebook. Twitter. Soundcloud. Instagram. Last.fm.

Gillian Welch Website. Twitter.

The Wallflowers Website. Facebook. Twitter.

John Denver Website. Facebook. Twitter.

Canyon Family Soundcloud. Facebook. Twitter.

Ryan Adams TwitterFacebookPaxamMyspace.

Son Volt Website. Facebook. Twitter.

Uncle Tupelo Website. Facebook.

Jason Molina Website. Facebook.

Charlie Parr Website. Facebook. Twitter. Soundcloud.

Gram Parsons Website. Facebook.

Willie Nelson Website. Twitter.

Johnny Cash Website.

Grampa Jones CMT tribute.

Eagles Website. Facebook.




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